Although Ross M. Wolfe, Esq. protects whistleblower’s rights if the whistleblower suffers an adverse employment action, we also try to protect the whistleblower’s identity. One way we can provide whistleblower identity protection is by concealing their identity in certain documentation which may one day become publically available. In qui tam cases under the federal False Claims Act, Ross M. Wolfe and the other whistleblower attorneys at the Weiser Law Firm can file the lawsuit on the relator’s behalf and protect his or her identity at the same time. Using this strategy, we can provide whistleblower protection by mitigating the chance that there will be whistleblower retaliation by the employer because they will not know the whistleblower’s identity

No Fees Without Recovery

Ross M. Wolfe and the Weiser Law Firm litigate whistleblower lawsuits on a contingent fee basis, so whistleblowers do not pay attorneys’ fees or court costs unless there is a recovery.

Please contact Ross M. Wolfe if you would like to speak with a whistleblower attorney for more information about the whistleblower process, whistleblower identity protection or to schedule a free consultation to confidentially discuss your potential case.