Government Contract Fraud

Every year, the government spends billions of dollars on contracts with private businesses. A government contractor who has engaged in government contract fraud has most likely also violated the civil False Claims Act. The federal government has worked with whistleblowers to combat government contract fraud through qui tam lawsuits filed under the civil False Claims Act.

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Below are some of the more common types of government contract fraud schemes pursued by whistleblowers under the civil False Claims Act.

Government Contract Purchase and Procurement Fraud

The government contract procurement process normally involves the government soliciting bids from contractors. During the procurement process many types of fraud could occur. For example, bribing a government official to induce the award of a government contract is government contract fraud.

Other examples of government contract purchase and procurement fraud include billing the government for inadequate products or services that do not meet the standards set forth in the contract with the government.

Government Contract False Certification Fraud

Government contracts normally require contractors to certify that they are in compliance with certain laws and regulatory requirements as a condition to being awarded the contract. For example, President Obama recently signed an Executive Order raising the minimum wage to $10.10 for workers on federal construction and service contracts. If a contractor certified that all workers received above minimum wage, but this certification is false, the contractor may be in violation of the civil False Claims Act.

Another example might be if a contractor certifies that it qualifies as a small business for the purposes of obtaining the contract. If this certification is false, this is government contract fraud and the contractor may be in violation of the civil False Claims Act.

No Fees Without Recovery

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