Whistleblowers and their whistleblower attorneys have helped the federal government recover funds paid as a result of federal grant fraud. Some of these whistleblower lawsuits under the civil False Claims Act have entailed false statements or data in federal research grant applications.

Obtaining a federal research grants is very competitive and whistleblowers have alleged that institutions engaged in federal grant fraud to increase their chances of being awarded the federal research grant. It is not uncommon for several institutions to submit applications for a single federal research grant. As a result of the competitive nature, institutions have submitted federal research grant applications with falsified information or data to increase its chances of being awarded the research grant. This is federal grant fraud.  The federal government relies on the information provided by research grant applicants to best determine which institution would best utilize the government’s funds. Therefore, falsifying research grant applications may result in an institution committing grant fraud because the decision to award the entity the federal research grant was based on false information. This type of federal grant scam may give rise to liability under the False Claims Act.

No Fees Without Recovery

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