Durable Medical Equipment Fraud

Whistleblowers and whistleblower attorneys have helped the federal government combat Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Fraud by suppliers through whistleblower lawsuits filed under the civil False Claims Act.

Under Medicare regulations, DME is defined as equipment that:

(a) can withstand repeated use;

(b) is primarily and customarily used to serve a medical purpose;

(c) generally is not useful to a person in the absence of an illness or injury; and

(d) is appropriate for use in the home.

Medicare Part B normally pays for DME. However, Medicare Part B typically will only cover 80% of the DME. The other 20%, known as the patient’s copayment amount, must be paid by the Medicare patient unless an exemption applies.

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No Fees Without Recovery

Ross M. Wolfe and the Weiser Law Firm litigate whistleblower lawsuits on a contingent fee basis, so whistleblowers do not pay attorneys’ fees or court costs unless there is a recovery.

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